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15. John3 MacIntyre Judge (Thomas2, Josiah1 McIntyre) (#1442) was born 10 May 1812. John died Abt 1872.

He married four times. He married Pamelia Ann Johnson Jan 1832. (Pamelia Ann Johnson is #1460.) Pamelia died 10 Feb 1841. He married Anna Maria Johnson Aft 1841. (Anna Maria Johnson is #1471.) He married Sallie Edelen Aft 1851. (Sallie Edelen is #1490.) Sister of Polin Edelen Widow with several children when she married Judge John.

He married Margaret Elizabeth Baker Aft 1853. (Margaret Elizabeth Baker is #1494.) Sister of Miranda Baker who married John H. MacIntyre John was a Judge on the Washington County Court. His education was limited but he achieved local distinction. He was a constable and later a magistrate. From this board of Magistrates he was elected County Judge. He was either the last Judge so chosen or the first Judge elected by popular vote. He was known as a good penman. He was married the first time before he was 21 and asked his father's permission. He secured a sub-contract to work on the New Louisville road, between Bardstown and Springfield and hired hands to work his farm, while he worked on the road. The road was completed in 1832 or 1833. He was prosperous and owned a large farm of several hundred acres near Springfield (adjoining St. Rose) and had accumulated considerable wealth but improvident sons-in-law and too much faith in his fellow men caused him to lose the farm. While Judge he accepted the bond of a man, who defaulted and he had to make it good. He died a poor but honest man. He sent all of his children to boarding schools. He is remembered to have said,"He did not know whether it was the Lord or the Devil who had a grudge against him but he thought the Devil selected his Sons-in-law.

John MacIntyre Judge and Pamelia Ann Johnson had the following children:

child 39 i. ?4 MacIntyre (#1469) was born on (birth date unknown). She|he married Ormsly Parrott. (Ormsly Parrott is #1470.)

child 40 ii. Julia Ann MacIntyre (#1465) was born 1832. She married Chas Parsh Green. (Chas Parsh Green is #1466.)

child 41 iii. Ellen MacIntyre (#1461) was born 1834. She married Thales Wright Doctor. (Thales Wright Doctor is #1462.)

child 42 iv. Kate MacIntyre (#1467) was born 1836. She married Billy Wathen. (Billy Wathen is #1468.)

child 43 v. Sarah Lucinda MacIntyre (#1463) was born 1840. She married Tom Knott. (Tom Knott is #1464.)

John MacIntyre Judge and Anna Maria Johnson had the following children:

child 44 vi. Hettie MacIntyre (#1472) was born on (birth date unknown). She married Fred Spalding. (Fred Spalding is #1473.)

child 45 vii. Lou MacIntyre (#1474) was born on (birth date unknown). She married Joe Tong. (Joe Tong is #1475.)

child 46 viii. James T. MacIntyre (#1476) was born on (birth date unknown). He married twice. He married ? Frost. (? Frost is #1477.) He married Pamelia Adams. (Pamelia Adams is #1478.)

child 47 ix. Anna MacIntyre (#1479) was born on (birth date unknown). She married Kit Boone. (Kit Boone is #1480.)

child + 48 x. Nannie MacIntyre was born on (birth date unknown).

John MacIntyre Judge and Sallie Edelen had the following child:

child 49 xi. Willie MacIntyre (#1492) was born on (birth date unknown). She|he married Lee Parrott. (Lee Parrott is #1493.)

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