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64. George Washington5 MacIntyre (Thomas F.4, Henry F.3, Thomas2, Josiah1 McIntyre) (#1626) was born 30 Oct 1869. George died 19 Sep 1936 at 66 years of age.

He married Caroline Victoia Cambron. (Caroline Victoia Cambron is #1627.) George Washington Mc Intyre was a large man, at one time he weighed 500 lbs., his belt was made to order and was 6 ft. long. He owned and operated a general store at Fredricksburg and later at Manton. He then came to Springfield, Ky. and remained there until his death of Aug 28, 1936. He was 6 ft 2in tall. A special casket had to be made for him and he was laid to rest on the porch of the house. The casket did not fit through the door.

George Washington MacIntyre and Caroline Victoia Cambron had the following children:

child 151 i. Mary Ella6 MacIntyre (#1628) was born on (birth date unknown). She married Arch Cambron. (Arch Cambron is #1629.)

child + 152 ii. Joseph Carl MacIntyre was born before 1921, the first event for which there is a recorded date.

child 153 iii. Francis Benedict MacIntyre (#1633) was born on (birth date unknown). He married Mildred Wycroft. (Mildred Wycroft is #1634.)

child 154 iv. William Colbert MacIntyre (#1635) was born on (birth date unknown). He married Delphina Smith. (Delphina Smith is #1636.)

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