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?, Betty (marriage to Charles Everet Miller) (i88)
?, Gladis (marriage to Robert Miller) (i90)
?, Jarod (i151), b.1980-d.1996
?, Jeremy (i150) (still alive)
?, Marjore (marriage to Harold M. Miller) (i93)


Balon, Christina Kay (i106) (still alive)
Balon, James Robert (i108) (still alive)


Beck, Aaron Jack (i141) (still alive)
Beck, Beth Ann (i140) (still alive)
Beck, Emily Rose (i142) (still alive)


Bickel, John Alexander (i3455)
Bickel, Rebecca Christeen (i132) (still alive)
Bickel, William Joseph II (i130) (still alive)
Bickel, William Joseph, III (i134) (still alive)


Brandeberry, Gary (i114) (still alive)
Brandeberry, Sharon (i113) (still alive)


Buss, Jonathan Dean (i110) (still alive)
Buss, Robert Shawn (i109) (still alive)


Giebert, Amy Lynn (i112) (still alive)
Giebert, Michael (marriage to Jeanne Rae Miller) (i105)
Giebert, Tahethia Lynn (i111) (still alive)


Lewis, Ashley Marie (i8) (still alive)
Lewis, Jeffrey Lee (i1) (still alive)
Lewis, Jordin Danielle (i13) (still alive)
Lewis, Mandie Joe (i7) (still alive)
Lewis, Tammy Sue (i12) (still alive)
Lewis, Travis Jeffrey (i9) (still alive)


Merkey, Nathaniel (i135) (still alive)


Miller, Cam (i144) (still alive)
Miller, Chad (i146) (still alive)
Miller, Charles Everet (i87)
Miller, Charles Franklin (i17), b.1894-d.1963
Miller, Charles William (i101) (still alive)
Miller, Dana (i147) (still alive)
Miller, Darrin Dean (i41) (still alive)
Miller, David Lyndon (i25) (still alive)
Miller, Del (i145) (still alive)
Miller, Donald Gene (i39) (still alive)
Miller, Donald Gene (i49) (still alive)
Miller, Dorthey (i95) (still alive)
Miller, Earl Martin (i91), b.1915-
Miller, Expecting Nov 1998 (i154)
Miller, Harold M. (i92), b.1920-
Miller, Hollis Dean (i27) (still alive)
Miller, James Franklin (i21) (still alive)
Miller, Jeanne Rae (i104), b.1953-
Miller, Jeff (i143) (still alive)
Miller, Jessica Grace (i70) (still alive)
Miller, Jody Ann (i53) (still alive)
Miller, Johnathon Lee (i50) (still alive)
Miller, Juli Ann (i55), b.1964-d.1967
Miller, Justina Jean (i43) (still alive)
Miller, Kevin Dean (i68) (still alive)
Miller, Lorenzo Lee (i45) (still alive)
Miller, Marsha Kay (i102) (still alive)
Miller, Michael Dean (i77) (still alive)
Miller, Nola (i97) (still alive)
Miller, Raymond Allen (i33) (still alive)
Miller, Raymond Louis (i15), b.1911-d.1951
Miller, Renata Lynn (i63) (still alive)
Miller, Richard Lee (i35) (still alive)
Miller, Richard Martin (i23) (still alive)
Miller, Robert (i89), b.1913-
Miller, Ruth Ann (i2) (still alive)
Miller, Sarah Jane (i94), b.1924-d.1924
Miller, Sawyer Del (i153) (still alive)
Miller, Sherry Lynn (i37) (still alive)
Miller, Sonya Ann (i61) (still alive)
Miller, Sue Ellen (i29) (still alive)
Miller, Tonya Rose (i44) (still alive)
Miller, Travis (i148) (still alive)
Miller, Trevor John (i51) (still alive)
Miller, William (i99), b.1933-


Norick, Elda Electa (marriage to Charles Franklin Miller) (i18), b.1891-d.1981


Richter, Holly Sue (i66) (still alive)
Richter, Jennifer Nichole (i65) (still alive)


Ritchie, David R. B. (i58) (still alive)
Ritchie, Jacquilyn Sky (i59) (still alive)


Rumsey, Lorie Ann (i82) (still alive)
Rumsey, Timothy Allen (i78) (still alive)
Rumsey, Wendy Sue (i80) (still alive)


Slater, Amber Marie (i47) (still alive)
Slater, Cheryl Ann (i48) (still alive)
Slater, Joshua Allen (i46) (still alive)


Sutton, Donald Martin (i122) (still alive)
Sutton, Donald Martin II (i136) (still alive)
Sutton, Duane Allen (i121) (still alive)
Sutton, Ellen K. (i126) (still alive)
Sutton, John (i137) (still alive)
Sutton, Larry Dean (i124) (still alive)
Sutton, Mary Louise (i119) (still alive)
Sutton, Matthew (i139) (still alive)
Sutton, Michael (i128) (still alive)
Sutton, Sean (i138) (still alive)


Tucker, Juli Jeanette (i56) (still alive)


Yagodinsky, Cole Gerry (i86) (still alive)
Yagodinsky, Jacob William (i84) (still alive)
Yagodinsky, Victoria Sue (i85) (still alive)

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