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15. Christina4 Haughey (Robert3, Robert2, Robert1) (#3622) was born Jefferson Co., Ohio 29 Oct 1820. Christina died 20 Apr 1887 Hamilton, Steuben Co., Indiana, at 66 years of age.

She married William H. Dirrim 12 Sep 1839. (William H. Dirrim is #3639.) William was born Carroll Co., Ohio 08 Jul 1820. William died 09 Nov 1915 at 95 years of age. His body was interred Nov 1915 Hamilton, Steuben Co., Indiana, Hamilton Cemetery. History of Northeast Indiana, Page 150

William H. Dirrim, was born in Carroll County, Ohio, July 8, 1820 and grew up in Ohio. September 12, 1839 he married Christina Haughey, who was born in Eastern Ohio, near Wheeling, Virginia in 1820, daughter of Robert and Hannah (Wyckoff) Haughey. William H. Dirrim was educated in Ohio and in 1844 came to Dekalb County, Indiana and the following fall settled on 160 acres of wild land in section 2, of Franklin Township. The land was covered with heavy timber and the first winter he lived in a rude house without glass in the windows and with the openings covered with muslin cloth. The door was pinned and bolted togather without the use of a single nail. His wife at that time spun all the wool for clothing, and William H. Dirrim made the shoes for the family. For a term or two he and his wife both taught school in the neighborhood. The first wheat crop he raised brought him 48 cents a bushel at Fort Wayne. It had to be hauled to Fort Wayne and in the absence of a team and wagon, he paid one shilling a bushel for that service. Gradually the area of clearing grew, until he had 100 acres under cultivation, and had a good residence and other farm buildings. He served as assessor of Franklin Township for two terms, was also township trustee, and he was a very prominent Methodist. For 20 years he served as district steward of the Methodist Church and had the ministry of the District Conference covering a period of 50 years. He and his wife had 9 children: Hannah J., Robert R., William Samuel, Mary E., who died at the age of 8, Mary Elizabeth, Christina, Francis A., who died at the age of 4, Caroline and Timothy.

King Family Flander and America 1300's - 1980, Vol 2, page 1308

Christina Haughey was born near Steubenville, in Jefferson county, Ohio, October 29, 1820. Christina and her husband came to Indiana in 1844, where they farmed in Franklin Township, near Hamilton in Dekalb County, Indiana. Williams was a township trustee of Franklin Township, for one term and served as County Assessor for 2 years. They were members of the Methodist Espiscol Church in Hamilton, for which William served as Steward for over 30 years, and recording secretary for 20 years. (Taken from Obituaries and from page 612 of the "History of Dekalb Co., Indiana", published in 1885 by the Interstate Pub. Co. of Chicago IL. At the time of death in 1915, at age 95, William H. Dirrim had 142 descendants, including several great great grandchildren.

Christina Haughey and William H. Dirrim had the following children:

child 28 i. Mary E.5 Dirrim (#3642) was born on (birth date unknown).

child 29 ii. Caroline Dirrim (#3643) was born on (birth date unknown).

child 30 iii. Christina Dirrim (#3786) was born on (birth date unknown).

child 31 iv. Francis A. Dirrim (#3787) was born on (birth date unknown). His body was interred Hamilton, Steuben Co., Indiana, Hamilton Cemetery. He married Eleanor L. ?. (Eleanor L. ? is #3788.)

child + 32 v. Hannah J. Dirrim was born 16 Aug 1840.

child + 33 vi. Robert Richard Dirrim was born 05 May 1842.

child + 34 vii. William Samuel Dirrim was born 1844.

child + 35 viii. Timothy H. Dirrim was born 23 May 1857.

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