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Second Generation

4. Robert2 Haughey Jr (Robert1) (#3773) was born 1760.(5) Probably New Castle Co., Delaware Robert died Abt 1793.(6) Probably New Castle Co., Delaware His body was interred Abt 1793 New Castle Co., Delaware, Old Drawyer's Prsby Church.

He married Christina King Est 1780.(7) Probably New Castle Co., Delaware (Christina King is #3723.)

Christina was born New Castle Co., Delaware Bef 1760. Christina was the daughter of Peter King and Elizabeth Scott. Christina died Abt 1801.(8) Probably New Castle Co., Delaware From "THE HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY 1300-1980, AMERICA AND FLANDERS" Vol 2, page 1261-1290

Christina King was not from Kings Co., Ireland as reported by Mary Haughey Cameron in her biography/ history of the family. (written about 1946). She was born in Delaware by the early 1760's, and data from her descendants suggest that she died soon after being mentioned in her fathers will, which was written in 24 February, 1801. At that time she was Mrs. Sharp, having remarried after the death of her 1st husband, Robert Haughey Jr. He had died prior to 27 Janruary 1794, and was probably her 1/2 first cousin. Christina's second husbands full name is not known for certain, but may have been William Sharp Jr. who had died prior to 27 Sep 1804. On that date he was noted as deceased in estate settlement papers of an Eliza King in New Cxastle County, Delaware.

Robert's will was probated 27 Jan 1794. From HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY IN AMERICA AND FLANDERS 1300-1980 Vol 2, page 1281-1290

"Robert Haughey Jr., born ?, died prior to 27 January 1794, when probate of his will began in New Castle County, Delaware. He married prior to 22 December 1779, to his presumed cousin Cristina King, daughter of his mother Johannah Kings Haughey's, 1/2 brother, Peter King. Robert and Christina had at least 6 children.

Robert Haughey Jr., was a property owner in St. George Hundred in New Castle Co., Delaware, as early as 22, August 1770. On that date Robert (also called Robert Haughey the younger) bought 66 acres of land by the "northernmost branch of Second Drwyers Creek" in St. George Hundred from Cornelius and Elizabeth Armstrong for 239 pounds and 5 shillings. Following this, on 29 October 1770 Robert Haughey Jr. for 50 pounds bought another 125 acres in St George Hundred with the land being sold by Samuel McCoole and others.

Subsequently on 31 October 1770, Robert Haughey Jr. "merchant of St George Hundred", bought an additional 413 1/2 acres and 35 perches of land in St. George Hundred lying in 3 tracts called the "Chesterfield", "Doctors Chance" and "Congletons Chance" from William Bryan of St George Hundred for 154 pounds, 13 shillings and 2 pence.

On 21 January 1772, "Robert Haugey Jr." of St. Georges hundred was appointed guardian of Benjamin and Samuel Culbertson, minor orphaned children of John Culbertson, deceased. Robert's father-in-law, Peter King, was his bondsman in this case.

In May 1774, Robert Haughey bought 150 acres of land at a sheriff's sale of Robert Bryans property in St. George Hundred. Later on 21 June 1785 New Castle County deeds report that Robert Haughey of St Georges Hundre purchased 100 acres from J. Stedham. Following this on 21 November 1785, Robert Haughey bought an additional 150 acres of land in St. Georges Hundred by auction for 378 pounds and 15 shillings -- being land previously owned by Charles Bryan.

on Feb 15, 1786, Robert Haughey and his wife, Christina, sold 3 acres and 115 perches of land for 48 pounds and 7 shillings, being land he had previously purchased at an auction sale. Just over 3 years later, Robert and Christina Haughey, on 16 May 1789, essentially traded 80 of their acres in St. Georges Hundred for 1500 acres of "upland and marsh on Long Island" in St. Georges hundred owned by Cantwell Jones. Afterwards, on 23 July 1790, Robert Haughey for 500 pounds bought nearly 90 additional acres in St. George Hundred from Archibald Fowler and his wife Hannah, and Jacob Fowler and his wife Mary. Just over 2 months later on 17 August 1790, Archibald Fowler as executor of the estate of John Gooding, deceased, of kent County, Delaware, sold additional land to Robert Haughey for 120 pounds by public auction.

Earlier on 6 April 1790, Robert Haughey had served as administrator of the estate of Jacob Boyce, late of St. George Hundred, making a report of the sale of Boyce's land to the New Castle County Orphan Court.

Information supplied by descendents of the Haughey family include a history of the Haughey's written by Christina and Roberts great grand daughter, Mrs Mary Jane Haughey Cameron. She reported that her great grand father Robert Haughey Jr.: "...owned and controlled several plantations near Wilmington. He also owned ninety Negro slaves. He did service as a Commissary during the Revolutionary War, riding on horse back to his posts of duty. He died when his son, Robert, was a mere infant.

Further information on Robert Haughey Jr. was supplied by his descendants from research done in 1961. Part of this follows: "Robert Haughey Jr....owned hundreds of acres of land in lower New Castle County, which was advertised for sale in the "Delaware and Eastern Shore Advertiser" in 1798, by his son, Francis. He was appointed commissary general of the Delaware militia by Caesar Rodney in the fall of 1777 at the time of the British invasion on their way to Philadelphia. Three letters written by him to Elias Boudinot, Commissary General of the American troops at Valley Forge, are preserved in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. (and are quoted in the King Family book). He was a signed an oath of allegiance to the American cause in 1778 (also quoted in the King Family book). He was a member of the State Constitutional Convention in 1791, elected to the Delaware House of Representatives in 1791, and elected State Senator in 1793."

The King Family book goes on to reprint several letters between Robert Haughey and Elias Boudinot. At the time Boudinot was Commissary General of Prisoners of War, spending the winter of 1777-78 with George Washington at Valley Forge. Robert Haughey Jr., was Commissary of the Delaware Militia and was in Delaware. The 3 letters discuss getting supplies to the American Prisoners of War, and provide insight into the 2 men and the background of historic events of the winter of 1777-78.

Following his service as Commissary of the Delaware Militia, Robert Haughey Jr. was among several delegates chosen by popular election to serve in a new Constitutional Convention for the State of Delaware. He also served as State House Representative and State Senator for Delaware in 1793, but died shortly afterwards. He was about 50 years old at death, and is thought he would have risen further in the world of politics if he would have lived.

Information on Robert Haughey Jr. government service can be found in: "History of the State of Delaware" 3 Vols. page 155, 264, 272 by Henry Conrad. "History of Delaware 1609-1888" 2 Vols. by J Thomas Scharf 188, Vol 1, page 270. Oath of Allegiance signed by Robert Haughey, his brother James and 6 other Kings found in Vol II "Delaware Archives" series page 994.

Robert Haughey Jr and Christina King had the following children:

child 5 i. Francis3 Haughey (#3783) was born Abt 1780. From "HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY 1300-1980, AMERICA AND FLANDERS" Vol 2, page 1281-1290

Francis Haughey was an attorney. In 1797, he was captein of the Second Troop of Light Dragoons in lower New Castle County, Delaware and in 1799 was fined $30 for not having made a return of necessary records for his unit. Later in 1810 he was a member of the 7th District Company of the 1st Battalion, attached to the 3rd Regiment of the Delaware Militia, and was fined $4.25 again for a minor problem with "red tape". He was a member of the State General Assembly of Delaware, and served on 2 special sessions called the Governor.

child 6 ii. William Haughey (#3726) was born Abt 1782. He resided in Delaware. Occupation: Lawyer

child 7 iii. John Haughey (#3729) was born in Delaware Abt 1784. John died Abt 1850 Stephenson Co., Illinois. He resided Freeport, Illinois.

child 8 iv. Levi Haughey (#3727) was born Abt 1786. He resided in Delaware. Occupation: Lawyer

child 9 v. Jacob Haughey (#3728) was born Abt 1788. He resided in Delaware. Occupation: Plantation Overseer.

child + 10 vi. Robert Haughey III was born 19 Mar 1790.

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