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18. Peter5 King (Francis4, Pieter De3 Coninck, Pieter De2, Francois De1) (#4442) was born New Castle Co., Delaware Abt 1720. Peter died Bef 21 May 1805 New Castle Co., Delaware, at approximately 84 years of age. His body was interred New Castle Co., Delaware, Old Drawyer's Prsby Church.

He married Elizabeth Scott New Castle Co., Delaware, 14 May 1764. (Elizabeth Scott is #4448.) Elizabeth was born Appoquinaminkv Hundred, New Castle Co., Delaware Abt 1740. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Scott Sr. Elizabeth died 24 Feb 1801 New Castle Co., Delaware, at 60 years of age. Her body was interred New Castle Co., Delaware, Old Drawyer's Prsby Church. from Susan Musser Minch

From "HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY FLANDERS TO AMERICA" Chapter 49 Peter King was a son of Francis King and his 2nd wife, Christian (Vandegrift) King. Peter's birth date is unknown, but probably was in the 1720's in New Castle County, Delaware. His death occurred sometime prior to 21 May, 1805, when his will, written 24 Feb, 1801 in New Castle County, Delaware was presented for probate. Peter King married prior to 14 May 1764 to Elizabeth Scott, daughter of John Scott, Sr. Peter and his wife are shown on that date in a New Castle County deed as parties to the sale of her then deceased fathers plantation in Appoquinimink Hundred to her brother, John Scott, Jr. He was noted as already living on the property. Also involved with this sale were Jane Scott and Robert Scott, who were other children of John Scott, Sr. with all noted to have been residents of Appoquinimink Hundred in New Castle County, Delaware.

On 22, Nov. 1769, Peter King bought 168 acres and 84 perches of land "at the head of Drwyers Creek" by the lands of his deceased father. This purchase was for 450 pounds and 10 shillings, being sold by the executors of the estate of Francis Krosen, deceased, of Northhampton Township, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. Subsequently, Peter sold this plantation on 1 Feb. 1796, to his grandson Francis Haughey for 900 pounds. Peter King also owned other land on the water of Drwyers Creek in St. George Hundred in New Castle County. On 17, April 1790, he had purchased 165 acres in this area which he later sold to and then repurchased from his grandson Francis Haughey. Following these transactions, Peter finally disposed of this land on 4, December 1800, by selling it to his nephew Leonard Vandegrift for 500 pounds.

Earlier, on 17, August 1778, Peter King had signed an oath of allegiance to the American Revolutionary War causes against Great Britan. also a Peter King enlisted in Captain Joseph Calswell's Company of the Delaware Militia on 28 October 1777, and two months later was noted in official state papers to have been issued the following rations: 62 pounds of beef, 62 pounds of "flower", and 26 --- (gallons ?) of brandy.

The 1801 Will of Peter King "In the name of God, Amen. I Peter King, the twenty fourth day of Feb Anno Domini Oner thousand eight hundred and one, 1801, being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God, calling to mind the mortality of my body and the immortality of my Soul, and that its appointed for all men living once to died, therefore do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, desiring my body to be buried in the Earth, in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. Recommending my soul to almighty God, that gave it hoping for its happy redemption through the merits of Jesus Christ who ever liveth and touching such worldly goods as it hath pleased God to Bless me with in this life, I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form -

Imprimis, I give and devise unto my son, Peter King, and to his Heirs, and assigns forever all that tract of land and plantation and every appurtenances thereunto belonging situate lying and being in St Georges Hundred County, of New Castle, and State of Delaware, where I now dwell to be held by him in fee simple if he pays the sum of twenty pounds lawful money of the State of Delaware to be equally divided between his brother Jacob King, and his sister, Ann Right, at the expiration of two years after my death (over and above what each of them now had from me in advance) in lieu of their dividends in said land and plantation.

Item, I give unto my daughter, Christina Sharp, all that undivided parcel of land that is known by the name of the old place (and now is in possession of my grandson, Francis Haughey) to her during her natural life and after her death, it is my will that it should go to my afors Grandson, Francis Haughey, his Heirs, and Assigns forever.

Item, I give the remainder and residue of my estate to my son, Peter King, after my just debt and funeral expenses are paid.

Item, I constitute nominate and appoint my son, Peter King, and my friend, Leonard Vandegrift Sen., to be my whole and sole Executor of this my last will and Testament ratifying and confirming this and no other disallowing all former wills bequests and executors by me made. Witness whereof I the said Peter King have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year afor in the presence of three witnesses called by me to beat witness.

Signed: Peter King

Sealed pronounce and declared: in presence of Christopher Vandegrift Spencer Price William Cann "

The will of Peter King lists his 4 children, since his wife is not mentioned, it is probable that she had died prior to 24, Feb. 1801, apparently in St. Georges Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware.

Peter King and Elizabeth Scott had the following children:

child 27 i. Peter6 King (#4450) was born on (birth date unknown). from Susan Musser Minch

From "HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY IN FLANDERS TO AMERICA, Chapter 49 Peter King Jr. inherited a plantation in St. Georges Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware. Subsequently by 3 deeds, Peter disposed of this property to William Mountain and also, to his Nephew, Francis Haughey, in 1808 and 1810.

child 28 ii. Jacob King (#4451) was born on (birth date unknown). from Susan Musser Minch

From "HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY FLANDERS TO AMERICA" Chapter 49 Jacob King, was a property owner in St. Georges Hundred, in 1804, he was a member of the Delaware Militia in 1799, being in the Light Infantry of the 3rd Regiment. He was fined 7 shillings and 6 pence for being absent from duty in October 1799.

child 29 iii. Ann King (#4452) was born on (birth date unknown). She married Francis Hyatt. (Francis Hyatt is #4453.)

child + 30 iv. Christina King was born Bef 1760.

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