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Third Generation

9. Pieter De3 Coninck (Pieter De2, Francois De1) (#4416) was born Wytschaete, Flanders Bef 1634. Pieter died 1695 New Castle Co., Delaware, at 61 years of age.

He married Anna Calet Netherlands, Bef 1670. (Anna Calet is #4417.) Anna was born Netherlands Abt 1648. Anna was the daughter of Francois Smithy and Trynken Sybouts. Anna died Aft 1704 New Castle Co., Delaware. from Susan Musser Minch

from "THE HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY FLANDERS TO AMERICA, 1300 - 1980" Pieter de Coninck and his wife, Anna Calet, are listed as the parents of 3 children baptized at the Village of Saint Anna Ter Muiden, in Zeeland Province, of The Netherlands in the 1670's. It is quite possible that their other children (at least 2) were baptized at some other village near Saint Anna Ter Muiden for which records no longer exist. Oddly, it was not uncommon for Dutch families to have children baptized at two or more churches. Why this practice was followed is not entirely clear, but probably reflected either moves by the family or the custom of having "namesake" children baptized in the village of the honored relative.

Pieter de Coninck, last appears in records in the Netherlands on 25, January 1678 and first appears in American records, along with his wife, on 27, February 1679. Some time during this period of slightly over 13 months, Pieter de Coninck, and his wife, and their young family, sailed for America. Scattered references to the amount of time needed for trans Atlantic passage at this period vary from as few as 6 weeks, to nearly 3 months. Thus, the Peter Coninck's may have left the Netherlands as late as the last part of January 1680. However, ocean storms during this midwinter time, make an earlier departure date more likely. Almost certainly, Pieter de Coninck and his family left the Netherlands, in 1679, landing in New Amsterdam (the Dutch Colony which is now New York City) before the onset of foul sailing weather.

As noted above, the earliest provable record of Pieter de Coninck in America is on 10, March 1680. Yet probably still earlier reference to him in America (but not specifically giving his name) is dated 2, March 1680. This earlier reference suggests that Pieter had been at New Amsterdam for some time prior to early 1680, and had been brought over from the Netherlands to oversee farming activities between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware, for Arnoldus de la Grange. Being a "Gentleman" de la Grange, was preoccupied with his shipping activities.

Church membership record of 10, March 1680, is the earliest record to give Pieter's name. It also lists his wife, Anna Calet, joined the Dutch Reformed Church at the same time.

By the next year, 1681, Pieter de Coninck/ Peter King and his family had settled at of near the town of New Castle, Delaware, probably on the land owned by Arnoldus de la Grange in nearby Chistiana Hundred, in Northern Delaware. On 1, March 1680/81 Pieter testified before the Court at New Castle as a witness to the will of Walreavan Jansen de Vos, who formerly lived on Christina Creek in the area. The witness signature on the will says "Pieter de Coonicnk".

Pieter de Coninck / Peter King is listed among the several Dutch, French, and Swedish colonists living in the region of the Delaware River, who were naturalized at a session of the New Castle Court, held on 21 and 22 February, 1683. This included Arnoldus de la Grange, too. The process involved the taking of an oath, to the English Government, and it was done in the presence of William Penn, the newly arrived "Proprietor of Pennsylvania" and the "Three Lower Counties" (Delaware). The ceremony took place in New Castle, Delaware.

From 22, February 1683, when Pieter de Coninck / Peter King was naturalized, until 21, April 1687, no record of Pieter or his activities in America was discovered. Whether he continued working for de la Grange is unclear.....later he is mentioned witnessing the transfer of property to set up the Labadist Colony of the "Bohemia Manor". It is thought by the family historians that the de Coninck / King's were a part of this religious sect in the Netherlands, came to the New World to establish a commune, and only joined the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam, to hide their intentions. Pieter was a Labadist, as were several of his associates, including Arnoldus de la Grange and Governor, Johan Moll.

Labadism was a strange and short lived Protestant sect, founded in Europe in the early 1600's. By the late 1600's, followers to the founder, de Labadie, in the Netherlands decided to establish a religious communal colony in America. Members were generally well to do middle class and upper middle class persons. Under the rules, all were expected to contribute their worldly possessions to the newly established religious community. The "Labadist Colony" formally established in 1684 on 3,750 acres located in Maryland and adjacent Delaware. The members never exceeded 100 men, women and children. They had all possessions in common and worked at different employment in the house or on the land. They ate their meals in silence, the men and women separately. They dressed plain and simple; any gold, silver, lace, carpets, etc.. were strictly prohibited. They used slave labor and cultivated tobacco. Slaves and Tobacco were strictly forbidden while they were in Europe. Within 14 years the colony disbanded, due to contradictory beliefs and anti-family lifestyle, which eventually disenchanted the members.

Pieter De Coninck and Anna Calet had the following children:

child 10 i. Peter4 King (#4431) was born Saint Anna Ter Muiden, Zeeland Prov., Netherlands 1671. Peter died 1713 Cecil Co., Maryland, at 42 years of age. He was baptized 26 Feb 1671. Religion: religion unknown. from Susan Musser Minch

From "HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY FLANDERS TO AMERICA, 1300 - 1980" Pieter baptized 26 Feb, 1671, father Pieter de Koninck, mother Anna Coleths; witnessed Jacob Woessen, Tanneky de Coninck and Jaconyntje de Puydt. (Note: this child died in 1713 in Cecil County, Maryland, leaving over a thousand known descendants by 1980)

child 11 ii. Elisabeth King (#4432) was born Saint Anna Ter Muiden, Zeeland Prov., Netherlands 1675. Elisabeth died Abt 1676. She was baptized 04 Dec 1675. Religion: religion unknown. from Susan Musser Minch

From "THE HISTORY OF THE KING FAMILY FLANDERS TO AMERICA, 1300 - 1980" Baptized 4, December 1675, father: Pieter de Coning Mother: Anna Colets Witnessed: Anthonis de Puydt, Elisabeth Jordanns and Mayks Colets. She appears to have died 7, Feb, 1676

child + 12 iii. Francis King was born 1676.

child 13 iv. Cornelius King (#4433) was born Bef 1685.

child 14 v. Jacob King (#4434) was born Bef 1685.

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