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?, Pheba (marriage to Michael Bennett) (i2016), b.1825-


Bennett, Jasper W. (i2380), b.1846-
Bennett, John F. (i2379), b.1844-
Bennett, John F. (i2383), b.1859-
Bennett, Laura E. (i2382), b.1857-
Bennett, Mary J. (i2015), b.1850-
Bennett, Michael (i2377), b.1818-
Bennett, Michael T. (i2381), b.1856-


Hewer, Evelyn Nadine (marriage to Garland Lee Lewis) (i11), b.1914-d.1990


Lewis, Ashley Marie (i8) (still alive)
Lewis, Clayton W. (i2376), b.1876-d.1876
Lewis, Edna Gertude (i401), b.1915-d.1916
Lewis, Emmett J. (i3713), b.1878-
Lewis, Etta Marie (i400), b.1915-
Lewis, Gar Anthony (i503) (still alive)
Lewis, Garland Lee (i10), b.1911-d.1980
Lewis, Gary Gar (i3) (still alive)
Lewis, Jake Henry (i506) (still alive)
Lewis, Jeffrey Lee (i1) (still alive)
Lewis, John Ellis (i314), b.1883-d.1953
Lewis, Jordin Danielle (i13) (still alive)
Lewis, Kenneth John (i603) (still alive)
Lewis, Kyle Edward (i505) (still alive)
Lewis, Lee Edward (i499) (still alive)
Lewis, Mandie Joe (i7) (still alive)
Lewis, Robert M. (i402), b.1918-
Lewis, Susannah Elena (i501) (still alive)
Lewis, Tammy Sue (i12) (still alive)
Lewis, Travis Jeffrey (i9) (still alive)
Lewis, William Ellis (i399), b.1908-
Lewis, William Maxwell (marriage to Mary J. Bennett) (i2014), b.1849-d.1897


McIntire, Eula Purdom (marriage to John Ellis Lewis) (i315), b.1884-d.1967

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