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Seventh Generation

36. Robert7 Haughey III (Robert6, Johannah5 King, Francis4, Pieter De3 Coninck, Pieter De2, Francois De1)(13) (#3617) was born Wilmington, Delaware 19 Mar 1790. Robert died 06 Aug 1870 Dekalb Co., Indiana, at 80 years of age.

He married twice. He married Catherine Hammal Jefferson Co., Ohio, 1812. (Catherine Hammal is #3708.) He married Hannah Wyckoff Jefferson Co., Ohio, 13 Mar 1817. (Hannah Wyckoff is #3618.) Hannah was born Erie Co., Pennsylvania 02 Mar 1800. Hannah was the daughter of Peter Wyckoff and Elizabeth Bruce. Hannah died 28 Feb 1875 Dekalb Co., Indiana, at 74 years of age. SCOTTISH FAMILY HOLD REUNION THE HAUGHEY'S RENEW FROM HAMILTON, STEUBEN COUNTY, IND NEWSPAPER, VOL IV

The ties of Consanguinity Friday Morning, Sept. 16, 1904

The fourth annual Haughey Reunion was held at the nome of T. W. Teegardin, Steuben County, Indiana, August 26, 1904. A large number of relatives and friends greeted one another on this occasion. Careful preparations had been made by the host and hostess for their guests enjoyment and the day was a round of pleasures intermingled with sadness, for in viewing the throng, faces which were wont to be there were missing and will ever be missed.

After a boutiful dinner the people gathered togather to listen to a short program which had been prepared for the day. William Shore acting as President and T. H. Dirrim as Secretary. The program consisted of nusic, recitation and talks by Jacob Haughey, of Sedgwick County, Kansas, Timothy Haughey of Steuben County, Indiana and others.

Officers were chosen for the following year as follows: Sherman Haughey, President; Frank Haughey, Vice President and Mrs. Hannah Willennar, Secretary. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. R. E. Riggleman in Williams County, Ohio on the last Friday in August, '05.

All present seemed to share in the feeling that there is no gathering like the family reunion to strengthen kindred ties. The members comprising the Haughey Reunion are the relatives and descendants of Robert Haughey. He was born in the state of Delaware, March 19, 1790. His parental ancestors were originally from the highlands of Scotland. They emigrate to northern Ireland and from there to the United States. One of their physical characteristics was a tall and erect stature which has been preserved to quite an extent, as there are several living representatives ranging from six feet to six feet three and one half inches. His father owned and controlled several plantations as well as ninety colored laborers in the state of Delaware. He also gave service to the colonies as a commissary during the Revolutionary War. Robert was the youngest of the family and a mere infant when his father died.

His mother, Christina King, was born in Kings County, Ireland. She was a cultured lady and possessed literary attainments. She died when Robert was nine years old. Being severed from the family from childhood he knew but little of it's history. Two brothers, William and Levi were lawyers and lived in Delaware, Jacob, another, helped to oversee the work on the plantations, and John settled near Freeport, Illinois where many of his descendants are living. It was at the home of John that his mother was living at the time of her death.

At the age of 22, Robert was married to Catherine Hammal, to which union were born 2 children, John born March 24, 1818 and Jane born April 29, 1816. His second wife, was Hannah Wyckoff, whom he was married March 13, 1817. To this union were born fourteen children, seven boys and seven girls. The larger number of his children were born in Jefferson County, Ohio, where he lived until the year 1834, when he moved to Wayne County, Ohio.

He was a man of rare intellect and ability and marked integrity which were imparted to his sons and daughters. He like many others of his time had poor advantage for an education, but his thirst for knowledge made him a constant reader, and his mind rose far above the rude tools which his brawny arms welded vigorously during those early years to maintain his family. He was noted for his enthusiasm on topics political and religious, and often took an active part in discussing these questions both public and in private. His superior judgement and opinion made him a recognized leader in his community. His firm but warm hearted manner won for him the respect and love of his family and many of his children's children to this day remember with pleasure the kindly greetings which they received when they went to grandfathers house. After the Civil War, he moved to Dekalb County, where he died August 6th, 1870.

His second wife, Hannah Wyckoff, was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania, March 2. 1800. Her father Peter Wyckoff, was the son of Joaquin Wyckoff, who was born in New Jersey and was descendant of the sturdy Holland race. The family religion was Presbyterian. A characteristic of the family was it's longevity. Her mother, Elizabeth Bruce, was a descendant of Robert Bruce of Caladonia fame. She was one of a family of 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. The names of the brothers were: James, Jesse, John, Cyrus, and William; those of the sisters were Jane, Eliza, Philura, and Eleanor. While a child in Erie County she heard the din of war on Lake Erie when Commodore Perry added a victory to the United States. She was married at the age of 17, and took upon herself responsible duties which she performed nobly. She was gentle, patient, and enduring possessing the qualities of a true Christian woman which she was.

Back through the gathered mist of years, A face I seem to see - That gentle tone and countenance mild I note, and know tis she.

She died at the home of her son Robert K. Feb 28, 1875.

The sons togather with the husbands of the daughters were among the hardy men of toil who felled the timber and made homes in the heart of the forest of northwestern Ohio and northeastern Indiana. Several of these sons and daughters also, did duty in the old log school house teaching the pioneer children the mastery of the three "R's" Readi'n, Ritin' and Rithmatic.

There are but 4 members of this family living at the present time. Timothy of Steuben County, Indiana; Jacob of Sedgwick County, Kansas; Francis of Piutte County, Utah; and Mrs. Rebecca Riggleman of Williams County, Ohio.

He moved 1834. Came from scottish ancestry. Susan adds the III.

Robert Haughey III and Catherine Hammal had the following children:

child 37 i. John8 Haughey (#3709) was born Jefferson Co., Ohio 24 Mar 1814. He married Amy Vail. (Amy Vail is #3710.)

He moved 1834. He moved 1839.

child 38 ii. Jane Haughey (#3711) was born Jefferson Co., Ohio 29 Apr 1816. She married John Eagle. (John Eagle is #3712.)

Robert Haughey III and Hannah Wyckoff had the following children:

child 39 iii. Infant Haughey (#3619) was born Abt 1818.

child + 40 iv. Elizabeth Haughey was born 09 Mar 1819.

child + 41 v. Christina Haughey was born 29 Oct 1820.

child + 42 vi. Evaline Haughey was born 19 Sep 1822.

child + 43 vii. Timothy Haughey was born 05 Nov 1824.

child 44 viii. Robert King Haughey (#3626) was born Jefferson Co., Ohio 05 Sep 1826. Robert died 27 Jul 1904 Williams Co., Ohio, at 77 years of age. He married Susan Coolman. (Susan Coolman is #3627.)

child 45 ix. Jacob Madison Haughey(14) (#3628) was born Steubenville, Jefferson Co., Ohio 19 Mar 1828. Jacob died 25 Jan 1927 Derby, Sedgwick Co., Kansas, at 98 years of age. He married Margaret Castle. (Margaret Castle is #3629.) (Additional notes for Margaret Castle(15)) Dave showed last name as Cassel or Castle. served in the Civil War, Union Soldier. Mary just showed Jacob Haughey.

child 46 x. Hannah L. Haughey (#3630) was born Jefferson Co., Ohio 15 Apr 1830. Hannah died Abt 1840.

child 47 xi. Peter Haughey (#3631) was born Jefferson Co., Ohio 14 Jun 1832. Peter died Abt 1850.

child 48 xii. Francis Marion Haughey (#3632) was born Ohio 28 Jan 1835. Francis died 14 Feb 1910 Marysvale, Utah, at 75 years of age. He married Isabelle Leathers. (Isabelle Leathers is #3633.) (Additional notes for Isabelle Leathers(16)) Mary shows last name as Leithers.

He resided Piute Co., Utah. Civil War, Union Soldier, 44th Regiment, Ind

child + 49 xiii. Lydia Lovina Haughey was born 24 Jun 1837.

child + 50 xiv. Rebecca Ellen Haughey was born 05 Feb 1840.

child 51 xv. Orrilla Haughey (#3636) was born Wayne Co., Ohio 26 May 1842. Orrilla died 30 Nov 1869 Dekalb Co., Indiana, at 27 years of age. She married Moses Kettering Abt 1860. (Moses Kettering is #3637.)

child 52 xvi. George Washington Haughey (#3638) was born Wayne Co., Ohio 28 Jul 1845. George died Abt 1867. Union Soldier, Civil War. POW: Libby Prison

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