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Fifth Generation

15. Johannah5 King (Francis4, Pieter De3 Coninck, Pieter De2, Francois De1) (#3775) was born New Castle County, Deleware Bef Jan 1715/16. Hannah died Aft 27 Apr 1776 in Delaware, at approximately 60 years of age. Her body was interred New Castle Co., Delaware, Old Drawyer's Prsby Church.

She married Robert Haughey. (Robert Haughey is #3774.) From "The King Family in America and Flanders, 1300-1980" Chapter 45, page 1188-1190. Johannah King, also known as Hannah, was a Daughter of Francis King and his first wife, whose maiden surname was probably Ford or Vandegrift. Johannah was born prior to 24 Jan, 1716; as on that date she was mentioned in the will of Charles Ford of New Castle County, Delaware. She was later listed as "Hannah" in a deed dated 27 April 1776, noting the 9 children of Francis King. Thus she died sometime afterward, but exactly when is not known.

Johannah King married, but her married name was omitted on the 1776 deed leaving her husbands name an uncertainty. What will follow next are two theories (but not proof) that she married to either a Jacob Haughhead (or Haughey) or to a Robert Haughey, senior of New Castle County, Delaware.

1st Theory: That Johannah King married Jacob Haughhead (Haughey) on 7 Dec 1743, a deed was drawn up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania showing heirs Jacob Haughhead and Hannah his wife, but there are some problems with this theory in baptismal records and other wills that cannot prove this theory. For info see page 1188, Vol 2, History of the King Family.

2nd Theory: That Johannah King married Robert Haughey. senior. It is puzzling and ironic that the other evidence for possible husband of Johannah "Hannah" King points to his name also being Haughey. Perhaps somehow both theories are partly correct, yet what follows is evidence that his name was Robert Haughey, senior and not Jacob. This Robert Haughey Sr. is probably the same Robert Haughey who received a warrant dated 30 Jun 1748 for 100 acres of land in New Castle County, Delaware. Subsequently, his apparent son Robert Haughey Jr. described as a "Fan Maker and Merchant" of St George Hundred in New Castle County, Delaware, bought for 50 pounds from Samuel McCoole and others 125 acres of land on Drawers Creek at Andersons Mill Pond in New Castle County, Delaware, bordering land owned by Francis King heirs. This deed was written on 29 Oct 1770.

This Robert Haughey Jr. of St Georges Hundred in New Castle County wrote his will on 22 Dec 1779, it was probated 27 Jan 1794. Among those mentioned in Robert's will were his "brother" James and Marinus Haughey. This use of the name "Marinus" is suggestive evidence that the Haugheys were probably related to Marinus King. Indeed, it seems possible and quite likely that Marinus King's sister was the mother of Marinus Haughey and his brothers. With Johannah's birth sometime prior to 1716, and intermarriages of both Robert Haughey Jr., and Marinus Haughey's daughter, Johannah, with other King descendants show a continuing closeness between the Haughey's and Kings.

Because of the likelihood of this 2nd theory being correct, this chapter of the King Family Book gives descendants of the 3 children of Johannah King and her husband Robert Haughey Sr.......proof is still being sought to substantiate this theory.

I received this info from Gary and Ruth Lewis, From Dave Miller, from Susan Musser Minch

Johannah King and Robert Haughey had the following children:

child 24 i. Marinus6 Haughey (#3778) was born Abt 1743.(2) Probably New Castle Co., Delaware. Marinus died 12 Jul 1793 at 50 years of age.

child 25 ii. James Haughey (#3779) was born Abt 1746.(3) Probably New Castle Co., Delaware James died 25 Sep 1815 at 69 years of age.

child + 26 iii. Robert Haughey Jr was born 1760.(4)

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