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?, Barbara (marriage to Simeon Buford Lewis) (i4718)
?, Emma (marriage to David T. Lewis) (i4752)
?, Frances (marriage to Richard Lewis) (i4467)
?, Josephine I. (marriage to John Lewis) (i4822)
?, Lucy L. (marriage to Robert L. Berry) (i3976)
?, Mary (marriage to John B. Lewis) (i4814)
?, Mary (marriage to Wallace Nall) (i4882)
?, Mary Jane (marriage to Henry T. Lewis) (i4828)
?, Tatum (marriage to Arthur Lewis) (i4684)


Adamson, Esther (marriage to Robert William Lewis) (i4906)


Apperson, Barbour Moore (i4784), b.1857-d.1953
Apperson, John Henry (marriage to Pamela Moore Lewis) (i4783)


Ausenbaugh, Kathryn (marriage to Charles Buford Lewis) (i4795)


Austin, Sally (marriage to Arthur Wallis Lewis) (i4854)


Bennett, Mary J. (marriage to William Maxwell Lewis) (i2015), b.1850-


Berry, Delia G. (i3978), b.1864-
Berry, Francis Ellen (i3390), b.1839-
Berry, James (i3394), b.1839-
Berry, John L. (i3973), b.1855-
Berry, Katherine A. (i3396), b.1843-d.1923
Berry, Larkin G. (i3972), b.1850-d.1923
Berry, Laura I. (i3402), b.1854-
Berry, Luella C. (i3979), b.1866-
Berry, Margaret (i3395), b.1841-
Berry, Martha C. (i3398), b.1846-
Berry, Martha E. (i3980), b.1868-
Berry, Matilda P. (i3401), b.1850-
Berry, Nancy (i3397), b.1845-
Berry, Nancy S. (marriage to John A. Lewis) (i2346), b.1831-d.1881
Berry, Robert (marriage to Margaret P. Lewis) (i5079)
Berry, Robert L. (i3975), b.1859-d.1943
Berry, Stephen E. (marriage to Mary Jane Lewis) (i2328), b.1817-d.1895
Berry, Stephen W. (i3974), b.1857-
Berry, Vardenam Bland (i3403), b.1856-
Berry, William P. (i3977), b.1861-
Berry, William Taylor (i3400), b.1848-
Berry, William Taylor (marriage to Catherine Ann Lewis) (i2340), b.1826-d.1892


Bickerton, Martha A. (marriage to Benjamin Lewis) (i4543)


Blakey, Clara (marriage to Abraham Lewis) (i4636)


Bland, James Thomas (i5204), b.1850-d.1910
Bland, Mary (i5205), b.1853-
Bland, Vardeman (marriage to Martha H. Lewis) (i5202)


Bohannon, Thomas (marriage to Frances Dicken) (i4941)


Botts, Jane (i4683), b.1832-
Botts, Peyton (marriage to Elizabeth Lewis) (i4682)


Bowdry, Paschal Jefferson (i5075), b.1840-d.1917
Bowdry, Samuel Perrin (marriage to Sally Kirtley) (i5074)


Branham, Robert (marriage to Mary Margaret Lewis) (i6083)


Broadus, Madison (marriage to Catherine Lewis) (i4780)


Brown, Ann (marriage to John Lewis) (i4571)
Brown, Elizabeth Wilson (marriage to William Walker Lewis) (i4719)
Brown, Margaret (marriage to John Lewis) (i4964)
Brown, Martha A (marriage to William Walker Lewis) (i4720)
Brown, Mary (marriage to William Lewis Maj) (i4454), b.1767-d.1828
Brown, Mary E. (marriage to Buford K. Lewis) (i4870)
Brown, Russell (marriage to Catherine G. Lewis) (i5082)
Brown, William Henry (i5085)


Buckner, Virginia Aylette (marriage to Columbus Franklin Kirtley) (i5131)


Buford, Anne (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4458), b.1738-d.1787


Campbell, Barbara (marriage to Simeon Lewis) (i4603)


Canahan, Benjamin (marriage to Keziah Lewis) (i4586)


Cartwright, Helen A. (marriage to George W. Lewis) (i5147)


Cash, Alice (i5144)
Cash, George M. (marriage to Sarah Lewis) (i5142)
Cash, James A. (i5146)
Cash, Joseph M. (i5143)
Cash, May (i5145)
Cash, Robert (marriage to Nancy Lewis) (i4704)


Castleberry, ? (marriage to Henrietta B. Lewis) (i4698)


Chapman, Erasmus (marriage to Nancy Ann Lewis) (i4547), b.1765-


Christerson, ? (marriage to Lucy Ann Kirtley) (i5111)
Christerson, Emma Frances (i5114)
Christerson, Joanna (i5112)
Christerson, Woodruff (i5113)


Church, Belle (i5016)
Church, Emma (i5019)
Church, Emma (i5020)
Church, Fannie (i5015)
Church, George W. (i5017)
Church, Henry (i5014)
Church, James (marriage to Mary Lewis) (i5012)
Church, Temple (i5018)
Church, Zachary (i5013)


Coffey, W. (marriage to Nancy Elizabeth Lewis) (i4759)


Cole, Sally (marriage to Henry Buford Lewis) (i5023)


Collins, Ann (i4513), b.1718-
Collins, Caty (i4516), b.1723-
Collins, Drucilla (i4515), b.1721-
Collins, James (i4512)
Collins, John (i4508), b.1703-
Collins, Joseph (marriage to Susannah Lewis) (i4505)
Collins, Lewis (i4517), b.1725-
Collins, Mary (i4510), b.1714-
Collins, Susanna (i4509), b.1711-
Collins, Tabitha (i4511)
Collins, Thomas (i4514), b.1719-
Collins, William (i4518), b.1727-


Colvin, Martha Jane (marriage to Alfred Brown Lewis) (i5160)


Compton, ? (marriage to Nancy A. Lewis) (i4655)
Compton, Jane (marriage to William Ford Lewis) (i4696)


Conner, Frances (i4985), b.1803-
Conner, James Madison (i4987), b.1809-
Conner, Joel Dicken (i4990), b.1816-
Conner, John (marriage to Polly Dicken) (i4984)
Conner, Philemon (i4986), b.1807-
Conner, William (i4989), b.1813-
Conner, Wilson (i4988), b.1811-


Cook, Lucinda (marriage to Elijah Loving Kirtley) (i4993)
Cook, Matilda (marriage to Richard Henry Dicken) (i5086)


Covington, Geraldine (marriage to Abraham Henry Lewis) (i5188)
Covington, Irene (marriage to John Merry Lewis) (i4633)


Davis, Caswell (marriage to Mary Ann Lewis) (i4793)
Davis, James Buford (i4794)


Dicken, Ann (i4942)
Dicken, Archie (i5088), b.1854-d.1933
Dicken, Elizabeth (i4936)
Dicken, Frances (i4940)
Dicken, Henry (i4944), b.1775-
Dicken, James (i4935)
Dicken, Joel (i4931)
Dicken, Judith (i4932)
Dicken, Julia (i4938)
Dicken, Polly (i4934)
Dicken, Richard (i4937)
Dicken, Richard (marriage to Martha Lewis) (i4928)
Dicken, Richard Henry (i4992)
Dicken, Thomas B. (i5087), b.1850-d.1924
Dicken, William (i4939)


Dufield, Benjamin (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Lewis) (i4667)


Dulaney, John (i4520), b.1718-d.1803
Dulaney, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Lewis) (i4519)


Early, Howard (marriage to Tabitha Ann Lewis) (i4616)


Ensor, Robert A. (marriage to Delia Ella Lewis) (i3324)


Faith, Charles (marriage to Mary Frances Lewis) (i4811)


Field, Beatrice (marriage to John William Lewis) (i4756)


Ford, Christopher (marriage to Lucy Lewis) (i4537)


Foreman, William Peyton (marriage to Sarah Mildred Lewis) (i4653)


Fowler, Elizabeth Ruth (marriage to Harry Leon Turner) (i6068), b.1918-d.1982


Frakes, W. H. (marriage to Martha C. Berry) (i3399)


Fraser, Alice Frances (marriage to Charles Theodore Lewis) (i4908)


Fristoe, Ashby Jackson (marriage to Roberta Frisbie Lewis) (i4867)
Fristoe, Katie (i4868)
Fristoe, Roberta (i4869)


Gaines, Bernard (i4676)
Gaines, John W. (i4677)
Gaines, Katherine P. (marriage to Thomas Buford Lewis) (i4658)
Gaines, Lucy Ann (i4681)
Gaines, Mary Elizabeth (i4679)
Gaines, Reuben Barbour (marriage to Ann Lewis) (i4675)
Gaines, Sarah (marriage to Abraham Lewis Capt.) (i4612), b.1775-d.1863
Gaines, Thomas (i4678)


Gardner, Mary Almira (marriage to John Franklin Lewis) (i4785)


Gatewood, Henry (marriage to Martha D. Lewis) (i4693)
Gatewood, John (marriage to Elizabeth Lewis) (i4575)


George, Robert (marriage to Jane Lewis) (i4498)


Glascocke, Felicia (marriage to John Ethelbert Lewis) (i4831)


Graves, Elouise Cathryn (marriage to Abraham Buford Lewis Sr.) (i6052), b.1843-d.1926


Green, James (marriage to Nannie Lewis) (i5062)


Greenley, Corrina W. (i5196), b.1849-
Greenley, James C. (i5195)
Greenley, Thomas B. (marriage to Ann Eliza Lewis) (i5193)
Greenley, Thomas C. (i5194), b.1844-


Guthrie, Jephtah D. (marriage to Louisa Lewis) (i4669)


Hall, Charles (marriage to Frances Lewis) (i4966)


Harrison, Ann (i4622)
Harrison, Francis H. (i4624)
Harrison, Obediah (marriage to Frances Lewis) (i4620)
Harrison, Roxalana (i4623)
Harrison, Simeon B. (i4621)


Heather, John A. (marriage to Ina Pink Lewis) (i6087)


Henry, Belfield (marriage to Elizabeth Kirtley) (i4959)


Herndon, William (marriage to Ann Kirtley) (i4948)


Hester, Polly (marriage to Dionisius Manlett Kirtley) (i5094)


Hewer, Evelyn Nadine (marriage to Garland Lee Lewis) (i11), b.1914-d.1990


Hill, Elizabeth (marriage to Dionisius Manlett Kirtley) (i5095)


Hobbs, Cyrus B. (marriage to Martha H. Lewis) (i5203)


Hobson, A G (i5004)
Hobson, Alonzo Thomas (i5009)
Hobson, E H (i5005)
Hobson, Eliza (i5007)
Hobson, James Thomas (i5008)
Hobson, Lucy Ann (i5010)
Hobson, Luvenia M. (i5006)
Hobson, W J (i5011)
Hobson, William (marriage to Lucy Kirtley) (i5003)


Hogan, Mary (marriage to Warren P. Lewis) (i4803)


Holladay, Lewis (marriage to Elizabeth Lewis) (i4534)


Holloday, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Lewis) (i5260)


Iverson, Sarah (marriage to John Lewis) (i4492)


Jeffreys, Dudley (i5173)
Jeffreys, Edgar (i5170)
Jeffreys, Ella (i5171)
Jeffreys, Marion (i5175)
Jeffreys, Melville (i5176)
Jeffreys, Sarah Rosine (i5168)
Jeffreys, Thomas S. (marriage to Mary Mildred Lewis) (i5167)
Jeffreys, William Lewis (i5172)


Jeffries, John Lewis (i5179)
Jeffries, Mary (marriage to William Wallis Lewis) (i6078)
Jeffries, Nancy Catherine (i5178)
Jeffries, Robert S. (marriage to Ann Elizabeth Lewis) (i5177)


Johnson, Alexander (marriage to Mary Lewis) (i5261)
Johnson, Anna (i5073)
Johnson, Edward Lewis (i5071)
Johnson, James (marriage to Nancy B. Lewis) (i5069)
Johnson, James H. (i5070)
Johnson, Kathleen (marriage to Pierre Irvin Theodore Lewis) (i4925)
Johnson, Nancy (marriage to Fielding Lewis) (i4980)
Johnson, Rebecca (marriage to Thomas Buford Lewis) (i4687), b.1792-d.1821
Johnson, Simeon Lewis (i5072)


Jones, ? (marriage to Abraham Buford Lewis) (i4701)
Jones, ? (marriage to James Lewis) (i5150)
Jones, Philip M. (marriage to Eliza Wilson Lewis) (i4728)


Kellar, Elizabeth S. (marriage to Edward K. Lewis) (i5047)


Kendall, Martha Buford (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4464), b.1710-d.1764


King, William Barnett (marriage to Francis Ellen Berry) (i3391)


Kirtley, Addie (i5115)
Kirtley, Ann (i4947)
Kirtley, Ann Lewis (i4997)
Kirtley, Annie (i5120)
Kirtley, Annie Stanton (i5132)
Kirtley, Asa (i5140), b.1866-d.1866
Kirtley, Columbus Franklin (i5002), b.1816-d.1901
Kirtley, Columbus Franklin (i5100)
Kirtley, Cora (i5117)
Kirtley, Dionisius Manlett (i4995)
Kirtley, Effie (i5116)
Kirtley, Elijah Loving (i4960), b.1791-
Kirtley, Elijah Loving (i5000)
Kirtley, Elizabeth (i4958), b.1785-
Kirtley, Elliott (i5096)
Kirtley, Elvira (i4994)
Kirtley, Emma Buckner (i5134), b.1848-d.1850
Kirtley, Ermine (i5126)
Kirtley, Frank Buckner (i5135), b.1854-d.1882
Kirtley, Gilbert Demarcus (i4999)
Kirtley, Ida (i5122)
Kirtley, Ida (i5137), b.1860-d.1861
Kirtley, Jennie (i5138), b.1862-
Kirtley, Jessie Lee (i5139), b.1864-d.1936
Kirtley, John (i4953)
Kirtley, John (marriage to Mary Lewis) (i4608), b.1774-d.1794
Kirtley, John Wesley (i5097), b.1868-d.1950
Kirtley, Judith (i4962), b.1795-
Kirtley, Junius (i5121)
Kirtley, Lewis (i4954), d.1812
Kirtley, Lewis Washington (i5001), b.1812-
Kirtley, Lucinda (i5130)
Kirtley, Lucinda Stanton (i5133), b.1845-d.1847
Kirtley, Lucy (i4961), b.1793-
Kirtley, Lucy Ann (i4998)
Kirtley, Luke M. (i5104), b.1858-d.1917
Kirtley, Maggie E. (i5106)
Kirtley, Marcellus (i5129)
Kirtley, Mary (i4951)
Kirtley, Mary (i5099)
Kirtley, Matilda (i4949)
Kirtley, Melcina V. (i5127)
Kirtley, Napoleon Bonaparte (i5128)
Kirtley, Nona (i5103)
Kirtley, Otho L. (i5123)
Kirtley, Richard Edwin (i5136), b.1858-d.1955
Kirtley, Sallie (i5098)
Kirtley, Sally (i4611), b.1810-d.1845
Kirtley, Thomas (i5105)
Kirtley, Thomas (marriage to Judith Lewis) (i4945), b.1810-d.1820
Kirtley, Velorious Edwin (i4996)
Kirtley, Velorious Edwin (i5101)
Kirtley, Virginia (i5119)
Kirtley, William (i4593), b.1782-
Kirtley, William (marriage to Sarah Lewis) (i4593), b.1782-
Kirtley, William Melville (i5102)
Kirtley, William Travis (i5124), b.1849-


Lancaster, Ellen Diane (marriage to Donald Lee Ponton) (i4917)


Lane, Scott (marriage to Johnnie Liane Lewis) (i4813)


Leach, ? (marriage to Mary Lewis) (i4887)
Leach, Bettie (i4888)
Leach, Kate (i4889)


Lee, John Dee (marriage to Ina Pink Lewis) (i6086)


Lewis, Abraham (i4557), b.1785-d.1870
Lewis, Abraham Buford (i4700), b.1826-
Lewis, Abraham Buford (i4796)
Lewis, Abraham Buford, Jr. (i6058), b.1873-d.1935
Lewis, Abraham Buford, Sr. (i5081), b.1833-d.1900
Lewis, Abraham Henry (i4634), b.1826-
Lewis, Abraham Wayne (i4754), b.1864-d.1907
Lewis, Abraham, Capt. (i4554), b.1772-d.1823
Lewis, Albert M. (i4801), d.1859
Lewis, Alexander (i4570), b.1811-d.1811
Lewis, Alfred Brown (i4629), b.1817-d.1856
Lewis, Alfred H. (i4871), b.1874-
Lewis, Alice (i4857)
Lewis, Alice May (i4907)
Lewis, Alice Z. (i5024), b.1833-
Lewis, Almont (i5149), b.1858-
Lewis, Ann (i4504), b.1745-d.1814
Lewis, Ann (i4565), b.1801-
Lewis, Ann Eliza (i4665), b.1823-
Lewis, Ann Eliza (i5066), b.1838-d.1859
Lewis, Ann Elizabeth (i4631), b.1821-
Lewis, Anna Stark (i4781), b.1866-
Lewis, Anne (i4490)
Lewis, Anne (i4524), b.1726-d.1748
Lewis, Arthur (i4569), b.1807-
Lewis, Arthur Wallis (i4735), b.1850-d.1900
Lewis, Ashby (i5165)
Lewis, Ashley Marie (i8) (still alive)
Lewis, Barbara (i4777)
Lewis, Barbara Anne (i4923) (still alive)
Lewis, Benjamin (i4542), b.1744-
Lewis, Benjamin (i4594), b.1787-
Lewis, Benjamin (marriage to Ethelberta Lewis) (i4850)
Lewis, Bertha E. (i4789), b.1871-d.1872
Lewis, Betsey (i4873)
Lewis, Brian (i4927)
Lewis, Buford (i4710)
Lewis, Buford K. (i4750), b.1848-
Lewis, Burr Harrison (i5051), b.1834-d.1903
Lewis, Burton L. (i5048), b.1827-
Lewis, C. Wallace (i4672), b.1838-
Lewis, Catherine (i4474), b.1655-
Lewis, Catherine (i4587), b.1798-
Lewis, Catherine (i4779)
Lewis, Catherine (i4851)
Lewis, Catherine (i5076)
Lewis, Catherine Ann (i2341), b.1829-d.1872
Lewis, Catherine Ann (i4651), b.1821-
Lewis, Catherine Ann Merry (i4731), b.1841-d.1905
Lewis, Catherine G. (i4618), b.1811-
Lewis, Charles (i4567), b.1806-d.1817
Lewis, Charles Buford (i4690), b.1817-
Lewis, Charles Buford (i4969)
Lewis, Charles Clarence (i4824), b.1851-d.1851
Lewis, Charles Hampton (i4809), b.1862-d.1935
Lewis, Charles Randolph (i4853), b.1870-
Lewis, Charles Theodore (i4898), b.1904-
Lewis, Christopher (i4471), b.1644-
Lewis, Christopher (i4483), b.1663-
Lewis, Clara (i4638), b.1813-
Lewis, Clara Jane (i4748), b.1842-
Lewis, Clayton W. (i2376), b.1876-d.1876
Lewis, Clayton W. (i3314), b.1854-d.1856
Lewis, Coleman (i4560), b.1791-d.1819
Lewis, Columbia (i5162)
Lewis, Daniel (i4563), b.1799-d.1810
Lewis, Darrell Elwood (i4912), b.1938-
Lewis, Darrell Elwood (i4924) (still alive)
Lewis, David Rufus (i4878), b.1891-
Lewis, David T. (i4644), b.1821-d.1908
Lewis, Dean Benton (i4900), b.1908-d.1986
Lewis, Delia Ella (i3315), b.1857-
Lewis, Delia Maria (i3988), b.1841-
Lewis, Dorothea (i4538), b.1737-
Lewis, Doyle Elwood (i4903), b.1917-
Lewis, Edmund Henry (i4613), b.1807-
Lewis, Edmund Henry (i4742)
Lewis, Edna Gertude (i401), b.1915-d.1916
Lewis, Edward K. (i5046), b.1823-d.1852
Lewis, Eliza Wilson (i4727), b.1843-d.1877
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4487), b.1677-
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4494), b.1696-d.1762
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4500), b.1731-
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4532), b.1732-d.1809
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4566), b.1803-d.1894
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4574), b.1783-
Lewis, Elizabeth (i4711)
Lewis, Elizabeth (i5050), b.1832-
Lewis, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Buford Lewis) (i4744)
Lewis, Elizabeth Anne (i5181), b.1853-d.1923
Lewis, Elizabeth C. (i3984), b.1822-d.1862
Lewis, Emily (i4649)
Lewis, Emily Elizabeth (i5157), b.1852-
Lewis, Emma Clara (i4879), b.1893-
Lewis, Emmett J. (i3713), b.1878-
Lewis, Enoch J. (i6079), b.1868-
Lewis, Ethel (i4856)
Lewis, Ethelbert E. (i4738), b.1855-d.1877
Lewis, Ethelbert Wallis (i4628), b.1815-d.1855
Lewis, Ethelberta (i4734), b.1845-d.1880
Lewis, Etta Marie (i400), b.1915-
Lewis, Fannie (i4753), b.1850-
Lewis, Fannie (i5164)
Lewis, Fannie Hill (i5154), b.1847-d.1877
Lewis, Fanny Speed (i4749), b.1847-
Lewis, Fielding (i4599), b.1791-
Lewis, Fielding (i5042)
Lewis, Frances (i4555), b.1777-
Lewis, Frances (i4965), b.1803-
Lewis, Frances Ellen (i3989), b.1842-d.1923
Lewis, Francis G, (i4807), b.1852-
Lewis, Frank Cash (i5153)
Lewis, Fred Edmond, Jr. (i6092)
Lewis, Frederick Edmond, Sr. (i6061), b.1883-d.1970
Lewis, Gabriel Nall (i4877), b.1890-
Lewis, Gar Anthony (i503) (still alive)
Lewis, Garland Lee (i10), b.1911-d.1980
Lewis, Gary Gar (i3) (still alive)
Lewis, George (i4478), b.1663-
Lewis, George Eugene (i4806), b.1850-d.1852
Lewis, George Taber (i4881), b.1904-
Lewis, George W. (i4702), b.1827-
Lewis, George Wallis (i5180), d.1889
Lewis, Geraldine (i5192)
Lewis, Grace (i4476), b.1660-
Lewis, Grace A. (i4821), b.1849-
Lewis, Harold Hamilton (i6059), b.1875-d.1952
Lewis, Henrietta B. (i4697)
Lewis, Henry (i3317), b.1724-d.1804
Lewis, Henry (i3318), b.1689-d.1785
Lewis, Henry (i3319), b.1668-
Lewis, Henry (i3322)
Lewis, Henry (i4470), b.1642-
Lewis, Henry (i4549), b.1759-d.1832
Lewis, Henry (i4556), b.1784-d.1785
Lewis, Henry (i4558), b.1788-d.1845
Lewis, Henry (i4585), b.1788-d.1825
Lewis, Henry (i4598), b.1789-d.1864
Lewis, Henry (i4699)
Lewis, Henry (marriage to Keziah Lewis) (i4585), b.1788-d.1825
Lewis, Henry B. (i4829)
Lewis, Henry Buford (i4975), b.1804-
Lewis, Henry Harrison (i5068), b.1840-
Lewis, Henry Kincaide (i4581), b.1792-
Lewis, Henry L. (i4643), b.1817-
Lewis, Henry S. (i5148), b.1850-
Lewis, Henry T. (i4715), b.1834-
Lewis, Henry Thomas (i4745), b.1834-
Lewis, Henry W. (i4760)
Lewis, Henry Wayne (i5184), b.1857-d.1932
Lewis, Ida Lee (i4741), b.1857-d.1924
Lewis, Ina Pink (i6057), b.1871-d.1966
Lewis, Isabella E. (i5065), b.1836-d.1852
Lewis, Jake Henry (i506) (still alive)
Lewis, James (i4484), b.1671-d.1720
Lewis, James (i4550), b.1761-d.1793
Lewis, James (i4601), b.1793-d.1864
Lewis, James (i4705), b.1840-
Lewis, James B. (i3986), b.1835-
Lewis, James C. (i4817), b.1842-
Lewis, James Elliot (i3313), b.1852-
Lewis, James Fielding (i5063), b.1834-d.1905
Lewis, James Henry (i5052), b.1836-d.1891
Lewis, James J. (i4808), b.1857-
Lewis, James S. (i3311), b.1793-d.1842
Lewis, James S. (i4657), b.1836-
Lewis, James Walker (i4626), b.1810-
Lewis, James William (i4832), b.1869-
Lewis, Jane (i4497), b.1706-
Lewis, Jeffrey Lee (i1) (still alive)
Lewis, Jenna Elena (i6077) (still alive)
Lewis, Jenny Lou (i6090)
Lewis, Jerome (i4826), b.1854-
Lewis, John (i3320), b.1637-d.1670
Lewis, John (i4457), b.1783-d.1866
Lewis, John (i4491)
Lewis, John (i4528), b.1729-d.1780
Lewis, John (i4548), b.1757-d.1804
Lewis, John (i4600), b.1793-
Lewis, John (i4714), b.1824-d.1907
Lewis, John (i4893) (still alive)
Lewis, John A. (i2347), b.1824-d.1895
Lewis, John B. (i4709)
Lewis, John B. A. (i4746), b.1837-d.1895
Lewis, John Brown (i4588), b.1800-
Lewis, John Buford (i5056), b.1822-d.1904
Lewis, John Ellis (i314), b.1883-d.1953
Lewis, John Ethelbert (i4725), b.1839-d.1915
Lewis, John Franklin (i4674), b.1839-d.1923
Lewis, John Gatewood (i4762), b.1866-
Lewis, John H. (i4815), b.1838-
Lewis, John Jacob (i4736), b.1852-d.1852
Lewis, John Johnson (i4691), b.1821-d.1870
Lewis, John Merry (i4632), b.1824-d.1865
Lewis, John Murray (i4852)
Lewis, John P. (i4641), b.1815-
Lewis, John P. (i4825), b.1853-d.1854
Lewis, John Shirley (i4899), b.1906-
Lewis, John Wallis (i5190)
Lewis, John William (i4650), b.1817-d.1866
Lewis, Johnnie Liane (i4812), b.1867-d.1894
Lewis, Jordin Danielle (i13) (still alive)
Lewis, Joseph (i5041)
Lewis, Joseph T. (i5027), b.1846-
Lewis, Joshua F. (i4761), b.1848-
Lewis, Judith (i4545), d.1820
Lewis, Kate (i4827), b.1859-
Lewis, Kate M. (i6055), b.1866-d.1937
Lewis, Keith Elmore (i4902), b.1915-d.1993
Lewis, Kenneth John (i603) (still alive)
Lewis, Keziah (i4584), b.1796-
Lewis, Keziah (i4819), b.1845-
Lewis, Keziah (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4584), b.1796-
Lewis, Kyle Edward (i505) (still alive)
Lewis, Lavina Ann Buford (i4747), b.1839-
Lewis, Lee Edward (i499) (still alive)
Lewis, Lee Roy (i4858)
Lewis, Lewis (i4503), b.1741-
Lewis, Lillie (i5191)
Lewis, Linda G. (i4648)
Lewis, Lizzie (i5163)
Lewis, Louisa (i4668), b.1831-
Lewis, Lucy (i4536), b.1735-d.1788
Lewis, Lucy Covington (i5182), b.1855-d.1918
Lewis, Lucy Henry (i5156), b.1850-
Lewis, Lucy Myrtle (i6062), b.1885-d.1938
Lewis, Lute Frank (i4787)
Lewis, Mabel (i4905)
Lewis, Mandie Joe (i7) (still alive)
Lewis, Margaret (i4477), b.1662-d.1720
Lewis, Margaret Ann (i5054), b.1821-d.1840
Lewis, Margaret P. (i5078)
Lewis, Maria (i5060), b.1829-
Lewis, Mark (i4926)
Lewis, Martha (i4502), b.1737-
Lewis, Martha (i4544), b.1773-
Lewis, Martha (i4580), b.1790-
Lewis, Martha Ann (i5044), b.1817-
Lewis, Martha D. (i4692), b.1825-
Lewis, Martha H. (i3985), b.1833-d.1919
Lewis, Martha Jane (i5158), b.1854-
Lewis, Mary (i4475), b.1658-
Lewis, Mary (i4486), b.1673-
Lewis, Mary (i4495)
Lewis, Mary (i4501), b.1735-
Lewis, Mary (i4526), b.1726-d.1803
Lewis, Mary (i4553), b.1771-d.1819
Lewis, Mary (i4776)
Lewis, Mary (i4797)
Lewis, Mary (i4973)
Lewis, Mary (i5022), b.1830-
Lewis, Mary Ann (i4689)
Lewis, Mary Ann (i4724), b.1837-
Lewis, Mary C. (i5080)
Lewis, Mary E. (i4820), b.1847-
Lewis, Mary E. (i5059), b.1826-d.1852
Lewis, Mary E. (i5141), b.1855-d.1858
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth (i4666), b.1825-
Lewis, Mary Frances (i4810), b.1864-d.1956
Lewis, Mary Hannah (i4686)
Lewis, Mary Jane (i2330), b.1820-d.1860
Lewis, Mary Margaret (i6054), b.1864-d.1941
Lewis, Mary Mildred (i4630), b.1820-d.1911
Lewis, Mary P. (i4619), b.1812-
Lewis, Mary P. (i4713)
Lewis, Mary Wade (i5189)
Lewis, Max Elliot (i4901), b.1910-d.1992
Lewis, Merry (i5186), b.1862-
Lewis, Mildred (marriage to John Lewis) (i4529)
Lewis, Mildred Catherine (marriage to Robert Strother Lewis) (i4739)
Lewis, Mildred Elizabeth (i4732), b.1843-d.1928
Lewis, Mildred Virginia (i5155), b.1849-
Lewis, Miles (i4473), b.1652-
Lewis, Minnie (i5166)
Lewis, Minnie Wilson (i4835), b.1872-
Lewis, Mourning (i4535), b.1734-d.1734
Lewis, Nancy (i4576), b.1785-
Lewis, Nancy (i4703), b.1826-
Lewis, Nancy (i4970)
Lewis, Nancy A. (i4654), b.1834-
Lewis, Nancy Ann (i4546), b.1769-
Lewis, Nancy B. (i4602), b.1799-d.1854
Lewis, Nancy C. (i4816), b.1840-
Lewis, Nancy Elizabeth (i4758)
Lewis, Nannie (i5061), b.1831-
Lewis, Nellie (i4737), b.1853-d.1937
Lewis, Nellie Mae (i5151)
Lewis, Nicholas Taylor (i4751), b.1854-
Lewis, Pamela Moore (i4663), b.1825-d.1914
Lewis, Patsy (i4579), b.1788-
Lewis, Perline Thomas (i5026), b.1843-
Lewis, Permelia (i4971)
Lewis, Pierre Irvin Theodore (i4913), b.1942-
Lewis, Polly (i4582), b.1794-
Lewis, Rebecca C. (i4799), b.1849-
Lewis, Rebecca Mary (i4880), b.1903-d.1905
Lewis, Reuben (i4661)
Lewis, Richard (i3321), b.1609-d.1691
Lewis, Richard (i3323)
Lewis, Richard (i4472), b.1648-
Lewis, Richard (i4482), b.1657-d.1698
Lewis, Richard Parks (i5058), b.1825-d.1849
Lewis, Robert (i4670), b.1832-
Lewis, Robert (i6060), b.1879-d.1881
Lewis, Robert C. (i3987), b.1838-
Lewis, Robert Clyde (i4834), b.1870-
Lewis, Robert M. (i402), b.1918-
Lewis, Robert Monroe (i5049), b.1829-d.1885
Lewis, Robert Strother (i4635), b.1830-d.1897
Lewis, Robert Strother (i5185), b.1859-
Lewis, Robert William (i4897), b.1901-
Lewis, Roberta Frisbie (i4743)
Lewis, Russell Brown (i4723), b.1835-d.1863
Lewis, Sally (i4778)
Lewis, Sally (i4972)
Lewis, Samuel H. (i5183), b.1856-d.1857
Lewis, Sarah (i4499)
Lewis, Sarah (i4592), b.1789-
Lewis, Sarah (i4671), b.1835-
Lewis, Sarah (i4694), b.1835-
Lewis, Sarah (marriage to Waller Lewis) (i4541)
Lewis, Sarah (marriage to William Kirtley) (i4592), b.1789-
Lewis, Sarah Burgress (i5159), b.1856-
Lewis, Sarah D. (i4617), b.1810-
Lewis, Sarah Eliza (i5045), b.1820-d.1890
Lewis, Sarah K. (i4712)
Lewis, Sarah Mildred (i4652), b.1828-
Lewis, Sarah Narcissa (i5064), b.1836-d.1853
Lewis, Sarah Rosine (i5187), b.1863-
Lewis, Sarah Vaughn (i5025), b.1836-
Lewis, Sarah Virginia (i4481)
Lewis, Simeon (i4552), b.1767-d.1818
Lewis, Simeon (i4597), b.1787-d.1861
Lewis, Simeon Buford (i4561), b.1795-d.1795
Lewis, Simeon Buford (i4717), b.1813-
Lewis, Son (i4730), b.1840-d.1840
Lewis, Susannah (i4493), b.1689-d.1768
Lewis, Susannah Elena (i501) (still alive)
Lewis, Tabitha Ann (i4615), b.1809-
Lewis, Tammy Sue (i12) (still alive)
Lewis, Thomas (i4469), b.1638-d.1696
Lewis, Thomas (i4479)
Lewis, Thomas Buford (i4551), b.1765-d.1839
Lewis, Thomas Buford (i4559), b.1789-d.1834
Lewis, Thomas Buford (i4578), b.1786-d.1854
Lewis, Thomas Buford (i4639), b.1809-
Lewis, Thomas E. (i4830), b.1857-
Lewis, Thomas G. (i5077)
Lewis, Thomas Graves (i6053), b.1862-d.1940
Lewis, Thomas H. (i4606), b.1821-d.1890
Lewis, Thomas L. (i4757)
Lewis, Thomas Larkin (i5067), b.1840-d.1841
Lewis, Thomas Prather (i5043), b.1815-d.1893
Lewis, Thomas S. (i4798), b.1846-
Lewis, Thomas W. (i4818), b.1843-
Lewis, Thomas William (i4662)
Lewis, Thurman B. (i4640), b.1814-
Lewis, Travis Jeffrey (i9) (still alive)
Lewis, Waller (i4540), b.1739-d.1808
Lewis, Warren (i4855)
Lewis, Warren P. (i4802), b.1846-d.1868
Lewis, William (i4468)
Lewis, William (i4480)
Lewis, William (i4562), b.1797-d.1878
Lewis, William (i4589), b.1801-
Lewis, William (i4708)
Lewis, William Alan (i4911), b.1936-d.1936
Lewis, William B. (i4804), b.1849-
Lewis, William Ellis (i399), b.1908-
Lewis, William Ford (i4695)
Lewis, William Francis (i5057), b.1823-d.1892
Lewis, William Henry (i3983)
Lewis, William Knapp (i4788), b.1869-d.1939
Lewis, William L. (i4642), b.1816-
Lewis, William Maxwell (i2014), b.1849-d.1897
Lewis, William R. (i4823), b.1849-d.1888
Lewis, William Randolph (i4733), b.1847-d.1918
Lewis, William Walker (i4627), b.1812-d.1901
Lewis, William Wallis (i4726), b.1841-d.1914
Lewis, William, Maj (i3316), b.1763-d.1851
Lewis, Willie Henry (i6056), b.1869-d.1934
Lewis, Zachary (i4485), b.1672-d.1719
Lewis, Zachary (i4496), b.1702-d.1765
Lewis, Zachary (i4530), b.1731-d.1803
Lewis, Zachary Buford (i4974)
Lewis, Zachary Taylor (i4706), b.1846-


Lindsey, Betty (marriage to Henry Dicken) (i4991)


Linthicum, Linda Cleggett (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4716)


Littlepage, James (marriage to Elizabeth Lewis) (i4533)


Martin, Bell (marriage to Thomas Graves Lewis) (i6082)
Martin, Dora (marriage to Willie Henry Lewis) (i6085)


Mason, Jane (marriage to Zachary Buford Lewis) (i5021)


Mathews, Edwin F. (marriage to Eleanor Sullinger) (i4792)


May, William (marriage to Margaret Ann Lewis) (i5055)


McCarty, Mary (marriage to Thomas Buford Lewis) (i4688)


McDougal, Isabella (marriage to Thomas Buford Lewis) (i4978), d.1843


McFarland, Omacinda J. (marriage to John William Lewis) (i4755)


McIntire, C. L. (marriage to Mary Bland) (i5206)
McIntire, Eula Purdom (marriage to John Ellis Lewis) (i315), b.1884-d.1967


Merriwether, Francis (marriage to Mary Lewis) (i4527)


Miller, Jor J., Jr. (marriage to Kate M. Lewis) (i6084)
Miller, Martha (marriage to Elijah Loving Kirtley) (i5118)


Mitchell, Nancy (marriage to Benjamin Lewis) (i4595)


Montgomery, Atwell Lee (i4861), b.1883-
Montgomery, Dorothy Page (i4860)
Montgomery, Edith (i4862), b.1886-
Montgomery, Katherine (i4866), b.1897-
Montgomery, Lewis Randolph (i4863), b.1887-
Montgomery, Mildred (i4864), b.1889-
Montgomery, Nellie (i4865), b.1892-
Montgomery, Thomas (marriage to Nellie Lewis) (i4859)


Morgan, Sister One (marriage to Edmund Henry Lewis) (i6049)


Nall, Duffield (i4771), b.1855-
Nall, Ellen (i4772), b.1858-d.1860
Nall, Eugenia (i4769), b.1852-d.1858
Nall, Fannie Mariah (marriage to Abraham Wayne Lewis) (i4874)
Nall, Georgia (i4883), b.1875-
Nall, Lemuel (i4770), b.1853-
Nall, Margaret (i4773), b.1861-d.1877
Nall, Mary Belle (i4767), b.1850-
Nall, Parker (i4886), b.1890-
Nall, Vivian (i4774), b.1865-d.1879
Nall, Wallace (i4766), b.1849-d.1881
Nall, Wallace (i4884), b.1878-


Nalle, Larkin (marriage to Catherine Ann Lewis) (i4763)
Nalle, Nancy (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4645)
Nalle, Nancy (marriage to James Lewis) (i5053)
Nalle, Winifred (marriage to Coleman Lewis) (i4664)


Neely, Jane (marriage to Henry Kincaide Lewis) (i4707), b.1795-


Nelson, Ann E. (i5198)
Nelson, James Lewis (i5200), b.1843-
Nelson, Mary J. (i5199), b.1842-
Nelson, Verlinda (i5201), b.1849-
Nelson, William (marriage to Elizabeth C. Lewis) (i5197)
Nelson, William W. (marriage to Delia Maria Lewis) (i5038)


Newcomer, Anna (marriage to Dudley Jeffreys) (i5174)


Nicholls, Sarah (marriage to John Lewis) (i4465)


Nichols, Eliza Ann (marriage to Edmund Henry Lewis) (i6051), b.1812-
Nichols, William H. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Gaines) (i4680)


Nicholson, Charles A. (marriage to Mary Belle Nall) (i4768)


Northern, Mary F. (marriage to William B. Lewis) (i4805)


O'Neal, Edna (marriage to Harold Hamilton Lewis) (i6088)


Parker, ? (marriage to Zachary Taylor Lewis) (i5152)
Parker, Olive (marriage to Duffield Nall) (i4885)


Pendleton, Catherine Ann (marriage to James S. Lewis) (i3312)


Pennington, Mary Louse (marriage to John Johnson Lewis) (i4800)


Phillips, Emily (marriage to Charles Lewis) (i4568)


Ponton, Donald Lee (i4916)
Ponton, Ginger (i4918)
Ponton, James William (i4919)
Ponton, Roy Arden (marriage to Alice May Lewis) (i4914)
Ponton, Warren Allen (i4915)


Portis, Carolyn (marriage to Darrell Elwood Lewis) (i4920)


Prince, Francis (marriage to Polly Lewis) (i4583)


Randolph, Rebecca Fitz (marriage to Ethelbert Wallis Lewis) (i4729), b.1823-


Reed, Winnie (marriage to Frederick Edmond Lewis Sr.) (i6089)


Rice, Nancy Anna (marriage to Thomas Buford Lewis) (i4596), b.1766-d.1822


Ridgeway, Nannie Roberta (marriage to Nicholas Taylor Lewis) (i4872)


Rixey, Sam (marriage to Sarah Rosine Jeffreys) (i5169)


Roberts, ? (marriage to Charles Hampton Lewis) (i4904)
Roberts, Jemima (marriage to James Lewis) (i4590)


Rogers, Mabel (marriage to James William Lewis) (i4833)


Scytha, ? (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4967)


Sexton, Daniel (marriage to Nancy Lewis) (i4577)


Smith, Christopher (marriage to Dorothea Lewis) (i4539)
Smith, Jane A. (marriage to Alfred Brown Lewis) (i5161)


Snell, Landon (marriage to Judith Dicken) (i4933)


Sparks, Martha A. (marriage to Arthur Lewis) (i4685)


Stark, Mary (marriage to Thomas William Lewis) (i4775)


Stayton, ? (marriage to Elvira Kirtley) (i5089)
Stayton, Elijah Thomas (i5091)
Stayton, Elizabeth Henry (i5090)
Stayton, John Wesley (i5093)
Stayton, Mary Etta (i5092)


Stevenson, Alice Belinda (marriage to William Knapp Lewis) (i4894)


Strother, Albert Randolph (i4841), b.1862-
Strother, Charles Lewis (i4840), b.1861-
Strother, Edgar French (i4849), b.1884-d.1933
Strother, George Wallis (i4847), b.1874-
Strother, John Pryor (i4842), b.1863-
Strother, John Pryor (marriage to Mildred Elizabeth Lewis) (i4837)
Strother, Nell (i4848), b.1880-
Strother, Perla (i4845), b.1872-
Strother, Robert Henry (i4844), b.1869-
Strother, Sidney (i4843), b.1867-
Strother, Walter (i4846), b.1874-


Sullinger, Eleanor (i4791)
Sullinger, James Pressly (marriage to Jane Botts) (i4790)


Taylor, ? (marriage to Sally Lewis) (i4890)
Taylor, Edward (i4891)
Taylor, Thomas (i4892)


Terrell, Ann Overton (marriage to Zachary Lewis) (i4531)


Thomas, Mary (marriage to Abraham Lewis Capt.) (i4983)
Thomas, Mary (marriage to Abraham Lewis) (i4637)


Tucker, Isabell W. (marriage to Lewis Washington Kirtley) (i5125)
Tucker, John (i5108)
Tucker, Lucy (i5109)
Tucker, M. M. (marriage to Ann Lewis Kirtley) (i5107)
Tucker, Maggie (i5110)


Turner, Betty Lou (i6069) (still alive)
Turner, Charles Lewis (i6064), b.1906-d.1981
Turner, Charles Livingston (marriage to Lucy Myrtle Lewis) (i6063), b.1882-d.1954
Turner, Deborah Anne (i6073) (still alive)
Turner, Edward Stanton (i6065) (still alive)
Turner, Fred Kenneth (i6066) (still alive)
Turner, Harry Leon (i6067), b.1918-d.1979
Turner, Harry Leon, II (i6071) (still alive)
Turner, Sandra Sue (i6070) (still alive)
Turner, Virginia Lou (i6074) (still alive)


Tutt, Ann (marriage to Daniel Lewis) (i4564)


Twyman, Catherine (marriage to Henry Lewis) (i4461), d.1825


VanMeter, Mary Jane (marriage to William Lewis) (i4673)


Walker, Mary (marriage to Zachary Lewis) (i4488)


Waller, Mary (marriage to Zachary Lewis) (i4521)


Wallis, Ann Merry (marriage to John Lewis) (i4625)


Willis, Mary (marriage to William Kirtley) (i4957)


Wilson, George (marriage to Judith Kirtley) (i4963)
Wilson, George (marriage to Matilda Kirtley) (i4950)
Wilson, Ray C. (marriage to Jenny Lou Lewis) (i6091)


Wineinger, Sarah (marriage to Thomas H. Lewis) (i4607)


Wisdom, Thomas (marriage to Martha Lewis) (i5262), d.1786


Wood, James Edwin (marriage to Anna Stark Lewis) (i4782)
Wood, John (marriage to Mary Kirtley) (i4952)


Wythe, George (marriage to Anne Lewis) (i4525)


Yager, Adam (marriage to Ann Dicken) (i4943)


Yowell, Russell Hill (marriage to Minnie Wilson Lewis) (i4836)

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